Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Midland Trail Ride

Sadly our 17 year old PU truck isn't really "Interstate Worthy", we wanted to go and ride on the Reservoir/River trail in Pueblo State Park but instead loaded up the truck and went and rode the "Midland Trail" from America The Beautiful Park, down town Co. Springs towards Manitou Springs. This is one of the more "shaded" urban trails here and since it was a 90F+ degree day, with almost no breeze and SUNNY, it was welcomed! We headed out of the park heading west, the trail follows Hwy. 24 to the Westside of Colorado Springs (Old Colorado City), then goes to a certain point in Manitou Springs, where it ends and you have to use "back streets" to get into Manitou. We enjoyed the ride and we seemed "stronger" than the last time we rode this trail so maybe after 600 miles we are finally getting our "Recumbent Legs" working better! ;) After a break we got brave and headed south on Manitou Ave. (very busy with tourist traffic in summer months!!) to a pizza parlor for a excellent 10in. Hawaiian Pizza and Salad!! After filling up, we picked up the trail (in Manitou it's called the "Creekside Trail) back to AtheBP and then home. 14 miles RT, HOT!! It was still a very enjoyable RIDE!
Relive Route Map
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