Thursday, September 12, 2019

A tough ride with a new friend

Weds. Sept. 11, 2019. I am the "administrator" for a Facebook group called the, Front Range Trike & Bike Network. Our newest member, John K. just got a new ICE trike and is trying to get in his first miles on the trike and not having transportation I put the Bike E into the old Ford Ranger and headed up north of Colorado Springs (Brairgate Area), to ride with him on some local area urban trails. Well his area has a lot of heavy uphill angle climbs on the trails and it was really tough for him as he has a type of MS and is a large man. We took our time but he had to stop a lot and rest and I had to PUSH him up to the top of the last very hard climb to get him back to his place!! LOL, we finally made it back, we were riding on trails I'd never been on, (Brairgate and Woodman Trails). On that last uphill grade I'm not sure I could have actually rode the Bike E all the way, I might have had to "walk" to the summit myself!! I'm glad I was there, don't know if he could have made it back by himself. Well for the next ride we do I'm going to pick him and his trike up and we will find some of the more "mellow" urban trails here in the Springs! ;)
Relive Map of the ride

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