Monday, June 3, 2019

Sold my "single" recumbent trike

Just a note, I've sold my TT Tour II, recumbent trike to my brother Bob's boss, Ernie as JoLynn and I have decided to just ride the TT Rover Recumbent Tandem Trike together. It was a excellent machine and I hope Ernie will enjoy it as much as I did! I've decided to look into finding a "cheap as possible", used recumbent BIKE to use as JoLynn is still "working" full time till Jan. 2020 when she's going to "retire" and go on her "earned" Social Security Retirement. This way I can still get in some "miles" during the week and the type of recumbent bike I want is a "compact-long wheelbase" version which is usually the "entry level" bike in the recumbent world. So I'm now looking at the different "used list's" and websites. I not in a hurry so I'll find the one I want and at a really good bargin. :) Here's an example, we owned these Sun EZ-1 SX's back in 2011.
In 2011 we bought matching Sun EZ-1 SX recumbent bikes

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