Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Updates to BJ's Sunseeker Eco-Tad SX Trike

Thought I'd let you all know that I've updated my Sunseeker Eco-Tad SX from the stock 7 speed, 38 tooth single chain wheel and 13x32 Freewheel, set up to a "9 Speed", 32 tooth single chainwheel and 11x40 cassette set up!  First I had to find a new rear hub/wheel so I could mount a cassette as you can't find a 11x40 Freewheel!! I got lucky, Utah Trikes was selling, "NEW" take off,  Catrike rear 20 inch. (406) rear wheels that could use a 9-speed cassette, got the wheel for "$20.00" and $15.00 for shipping, a absolute STEAL of a price!!  :)

Next was a 9-speed 11x40 cassette, Sunrace had one for $60.00  a new Long Cage rear derailleur (Shimano RD-M370) for $40.00 and a new TT take off 32 Tooth chain wheel and crank arms for $15.00. $35.00 for a 9 speed trigger shifter, The one expense I didn't count on was having to buy a specific "9 speed" chain as 9 speed cassettes have a narrower spacing than 7/8 speed cassettes or freewheels. :(  That was $65.00 and finally LABOR to have my LBS put it all on, $90.00.  $340.00 total and now I have a trike that can "CLIMB" serious hills easily!!

Sounds like a lot of bucks and yea it was but it's LOT cheaper than buying a upgrade trike and I still would have had to pay extra for "triple chain wheel with 22x32x44 gearing to give the upgraded trike the "climbing" ability my upgrades gave my Eco-Tad SX.  The 9 speed cassette gearing steps are MUCH more useful than the stock 7 speed freewheel gearing steps so I'm VERY happy!! :)

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