Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The National Bike Challenge

I joined the "National Bike Challenge" which started May 1st. was only able to get in 7.7 miles but did a lot of HILLS to compensate for the time.  My ride was around the Security Area where I live but I did a lot of squiggly streets between the hills to get some miles on STRAVA so they could auto update to the Love to Ride-National Bike Challenge!  Enjoyed the ride in windy, partly sunny conditions, which looked a LOT better by afternoon as the day started with total DARK clouds and no sunshine!!  National Bike Challenge this is the link to NBC, join up and have some fun, BTW, I still need 5 recumbent trike riders to fill my team, "TEAM Recumbent Trike" (a total of 8 members per team) so pls. join up, thanks! :)

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