Saturday, May 19, 2018

Checking the progress on the Midland Trail

Well now that we have "transportation" of our own, I loaded the Eco-Tad into the van and parked at America the Beautiful Park in down town Colorado Springs, CO. LOL, after I got the Trike set up, got clipped in, I took off and discovered that "ALL" of the exits out of park to the start of the Midland Trail from C. Springs to Manitou Springs were "CLOSED" due to area construction!!! :( Oh, well I did know a round about way to get to the Midland Trail so I headed out and picked it up. The Midland Trail is a older trail, that's been changed a lot over the years. It's nice cause it's got several places with small/short bridges over Cheyenne Creek heading west from downtown. It's mostly concrete except for a section from 21st. to 25th. Street, which is currently set up for a detour on sidewalks and back streets. In the past you rode the trail to Ridge Rd. then it took forever to cross the intersection of Colorado Ave. and Ridge Rd. Now they are building a "under the street bike/walk accessway" that will hook to a "Bike Island Rest Area" between C. Springs and M. Springs! Hopefully completed by summer/fall 2019. For now the "construction flaggers" will stop auto traffic so a bicycle can pick up the detour route back over to the trail into the Manitou Springs Swimming Pool Park. From there it continues as a graded dirt path for a while and then you have to pick up "back streets" into Manitou Springs down town itself. Did a 12 mile round trip, after I got the trike stowed back in the Van, I went over to the "Tiki Bar" at my LBS, (The Colorado Springs Bike Shop) and got a glass of their "homemade" Bicycleville Root Beer! Sunny, breezy, 70F.

The Julie Penrose Fountain, America The Beautiful Park, downtown Colorado Springs, CO. 

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