Thursday, January 25, 2018

My first ride on my new Recumbent Trike!

The trike has been assembled, I've been fitted and it was time for the first ride! It was only 10 miles but a good mix of hardpacked dirt, concrete and asphalt, lot's of rolling hills. Well it seems a bit twichy but then I remembered something from my rides on a LWB recumbent bicycle, "relax the upper body, hold the bars loosely, wala, the trike smoothes out and we are off! My DF comfort bike had 21 speeds, this new Eco-Tad has "7" but they seem to spaced well, even the bigger hills aren't too bad!

WOW, this tadpole really does set LOW to the ground but it seems to get noticed more by others than my old Comfort Bike, that's a good thing! Now for the test, had to get on the emergency lane of a 4 lane highway to get to my home, got the machine in 7th. and hauling bunns, it's quite a bit slower over all but way more FUN to ride!

I think I need to smooth my cadence a bit for the higher speeds, pumping the pedals hard seems to kinda make the trike slightly shift left and right but nothing scary! LOL, the folks in my little area probably have never seen a recumbent trike and I'm stopping traffic. This is gona be FUN! :) Sorry for no photo's but I was racing the failing sunlight to get home before dark! 

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