Friday, January 12, 2018

Looking into a change

JoLynn and I are going to change from diamond framed "Comfort Bikes" to Recumbent Trikes soon, we've decided that as we are getting older (60+), balance and trying the throw the leg over a top tube, (me, not a problem with JoLynn's "step-thru frame), is getting harder. The recumbent trike is a "3 wheeled cycle, not like the "Grandma Trikes" some older folks ride but low, faster and better suited for riding rail-trails and bike paths! These like most bicycles run for 7-8 speeds up to 30+ speeds, LOL, it's about "how much MONEY" you have to spend! ;)

We don't do any group riding anymore as JoLynn, can ride all day BUT she's really SLOW and groups/clubs just can't handle it IF you can't keep up with them!!!! :( So we will just ride by ourselves and have FUN!  The BAD thing about Recumbent Trikes is that they are almost "double" the price of a comparable bicycle.

My Sunseeker Eco-Tad SX, 7 speed is $1000, my Del Sol Comfort bike with a 21 speed set up is $425.00 so it's quite a "step up" price wise for actually "LESS" but the comfort/balance factor is worth the extra money to us. Even with 21 speeds we've found that we mainly use the "32 tooth Middle Chainwheel" and the 7 speed cassette rear gears 90% of the time so it shouldn't be a bike problem going to a 7 speed set up!  I can always "upgrade" the trike later! :)

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