Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Back on Track!

Well I rejoined the "Colorado Springs Cycling Club" for 2016, decided I needed more motivation to ride more. Still won't be riding a 100 miles a week like the old days but I did get in a 30 mile ride on Tuesday with the, "Old Phart's Ride", the club holds on Tue's. and Thru's. I'll admit that their pace "whipped my butt" badly and I had to ice my knees but it was a fun ride, I just have to do more rides to get back in shape.  Was hoping to make the Saturday, "Latte Ride" but it's only going to be 25 F degrees and my cold gear won't be enough for a ride that cold, RATS!  Well I'll just keep trying and hope the weather get's better soon!! :)

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