Thursday, December 31, 2015


Didn't get on the bicycle for the whole month of December, that's a sad first for me, RATS! :(  Well I've decided to rejoin the "Colorado Springs Cycling Club" here in town for 2016 so hopefully I can get motivated again!  Jo isn't rejoining, she just has "too slow a pace", (avg speed 7 to 8 mph) for riding with even the slow rides that the club has.

The problem with most clubs, is that they tell you that you speed doesn't matter BUT, if you can't keep up with the group, YOU will HEAR about it, that's why Jo won't rejoin but I will still ride with her and let her set the PACE. I just won't ride with the club "every week" but I feel I need to be a member, even if it's just for the, work they do with the City Government and local departments that effect "Bicycling" here in Colorado Springs, CO.

LOL, even now I'm sure I'll be "tail end" Charlie as I'm not any where near as "fit" as I was the last time we were CSCC members! Now I just hope my old (93) Mongoose Switchback MTB, won't fall apart on me till I can afford to get it overhauled!!

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