Friday, July 17, 2015

Riding the "Elusive" Homestead Trail

If your looking for a challenge on a rail trail, check out the hard to find "Homestead Trail". It's not marked well at all. The start of the trail from the South is off of Galley Rd, just pass the Ent Federal Credit Union and go 1/2 block east you see a ditch and cement trail heading north.
The is the signage for the connection point to the Rock Island Trail of the Homestead Trail.

This is the trail heading north from Galley Ave., and hooking up with the Rock Island Trail

This takes you up to the "Rock Island Trail", turn left (west) go to the stop light cross over, then turn right and pick up the extra large walk/bike lane and head to Mazeland at the intersection cross over to the north side and then go back across the street and follow Mazeland to "Radiant" and turn right, you'll be riding a sidewalk along a BIG ditch!

There's no real markings for the entry path, it's dirt and just a single track that takes you into a park
Here's what the "entry trail" looks like, no signage and a very thin trail

You have to go thru the tunnel, beware of the bumpy water drains!! The dirt/asphalt mix trail goes from the left side to the right side of the drainage ditch!

Once you enter the Park, the trail splits both left and right, take the "RIGHT" trail, you'll see a covered picnic table and head south.
You are now on the Homestead Trail, it heads south, then turns east and continues.

The trail bends to the east  and becomes a mix of dirt, asphalt and cement, the trail is used by lots of walkers, runners and baby strollers so be careful!

You will cross several "streets" with Ped crossing lights and keep heading North, there are many "steep grades" over the ride so you will get a workout. After passing a Elementary School, you will come to a open area with a great view:

The trail continues on a STEEP down hill trail made of lose dirt and pebbles, NOTE: unless you have excellent Mountain Bike Skills, I'd recommend "WALKING" down to the end of the short dirt trail to the pavement!!!

The beat up sign is the only real "trail signage" on the trail and it comes just before the Old Farm section of the Homestead Trail. You will now be on concrete to the end of the current trail at the High Chapperel Open Space, The concrete trail has STEEP grades so get into low gears quickly!

A view of Pikes Peak from the "Old Farm" area of the Homestead Trail

The High Chaparral Open Space is the current END of the Homestead trail on the Northend! 

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  1. I really like this trail. It's right in my neighborhood so very convenient. I've only gone so far as Barnes as those hills can be a killer on arthritic knees.