Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Helping a friend and getting in a ride with Jo

Last week Weds. I helped a friend from High School get back into bicycles after 40 years of not ridding! It was really great to see his enthusiasm and I hope he get's back into it and really enjoy's himself! Steve picked up a Trek Comfort Bike and all the items needed to get started hitting his local area Rail-Trails up in Southern Denver, Colorado! :) The neat thing is that many, many years ago I sold him his first serious 10 speed. I was working for the old Security Bike Shop in Security, CO. as a part time job after school. He bought a Astra, made in Austria a very nice bike. I had a Italian Olmo 10 speed racer in bright yellow we did a few rides together, a lot of fun. Hopefully we will get to ride together again soon! :)

Last Sunday Jo and I put in a 21 mile run just to get her some miles, she's still under 100 miles for the "year"!! It's been a rough year with all the RAIN and we've needed the usual one decent weekend day to take the Harley out and at least do a "battery charge run". Last weekend as decent both days so we headed out to ride to Manitou Springs on the Midland Trail. On the way back we stopped at the Tasty Freeze and got a Jr. burger and a ice cold root beer, that really hit the spot as the temps were quite warm! It's always more FUN to ride with someone else and it's great when it with Jo! :)

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