Monday, December 29, 2014

Got in a few miles, fighting a COLD wind on Sunday!

Well winter and the Holiday's have conspired to mostly keep us off the bicycles, we can't afford the "gore-tex" type riding gear so we are limted to max cold riding of, 30 degrees F and SUNNY! We did get out last Sunday for a short rail trail ride but had to ride in a VERY chilly, slightly gusty cold WIND to even get them in!!  Sadly, the weather is going downhill from here. Today, blowing snow and teens, tonight 8, below zero and tommorw a sizzling 7 degrees F for a daytime high! ARRUGH!! At this rate were going to have to find a used exersize bicycle or a trainer and get our riding fix indoors! :(  Oh well hopefully it will turn better sometime in Jan. we here on the So. CO. plains get lucky now and then and can ride even in the winter.  Just wish it didn't take the local rail-trails so long to MELT off the ice and snow! Hope your getting out! :)

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