Thursday, April 18, 2024

Catching up again, the song remains the same, LOL! ;)

 Well I'am going to just give you a photo and video grouping to cover the time period since the starting of April, enjoy!!

Since we don't do Long Distance Touring, our rides are local and a lot of it is living with a recumbent trike as your ONLY source of Transportation! The other side is that we also just LOVE to ride our 3 wheeled contraptions for Recreation! We have been trying to show YOU, how it's possible, although we admit, a lot of times it's not "convenient, to live life every day, without a "CAR"! 

Why we don't, TOUR, well two main reasons, #1 is we don't have enough "INCOME", #2 is that the Roads and Highways in the USA are NOT recumbent trike friendly, JMHO! Most roads/highways don't have "emergency lanes" that we can use to keep out of the flow of the much faster paced AUTO traffic. Added, the highways have mostly gone to adding, Rumble Strips" between traffic lane and emergency lanes! Rumble Strips are to alert DRIVERS that are falling asleep or distracted, that they are crossing the lines. Some of these Rumble Strips have gotten very WIDE and some emergency lanes are not WIDE enough for a recumbent Trike, with its dual front wheel's being 31 to 34 inches WIDE. 

If it's ever FINISHED, we'd do a tour on the Great American Rail Trail, that maybe one day will cross the width of the entire USA but otherwise we aren't going to risk our lives trying to share the limited SPACE on the roads and highways with cars, trucks, buses, Semi-Trucks, etc, cause we bike or trike riders have the MOST to lose in a crash!!

Here's the video's for the month of April 2024, I really enjoy shooting video's! I hope you all get some enjoyment out of them and I do try to show off the beauty of Colorado Springs, CO., the place we call HOME! Ride LOW, Ride RECUMBENT, Let's GO!! 

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