Saturday, February 10, 2024

February 10, 2024-Catching up the Blog, winter's grip is strong here, RATS!

Hello all, well between Family Crisis and Winter Weather, we haven't been able to ride but a few times from Jan. 26th. on!! My Mom passed away and we had a funeral for one of my younger brothers. As things have finally slowed down a little, we did get in a ride our two! I received a "wireless microphone", from a very nice gentleman from Mississippi!! So I have been using the last couple of rides to test it out. Bummer, so far I can't get it to work with the GoPro 6, for some odd reason I can't get the AUDIO in settings to open up so I can input the type of microphone to integrate it into the camera?? The manual, shows 5 settings but the camera just shows, "N/A"?? I've even tried a Factory reset and still, Audio shows only N/A.

So here is a couple of video's and photos of the "Mic Test Rides" for your enjoyment! One is a ride up the Pikes Peak Greenway, Vincent Frontage Road, Nevada Ave. Pathway. The second, is a ride to Manitou Springs, via the Midland and Creek Walk Trail.


Sadly as of Feb. 10, today, it's snowing outside with a good chance of 3-6 inches by early Sunday morning, RATS! I'd say we might get out by Wed. or Thurs. but it's going to be a slow melt as the upcoming week high temps will only be in the low 40 F range at best! This El Nina weather pattern has been a ROUGH one for us, as we don't own a car!! Cold, snow, wind, etc. but we just have to "wait" for the best day to load up the trikes and cargo trailer to get Food and Supplies!! Hope GoPro Customer Service can help me with the microphone, will just have to wait and see! Thanks for checking out the blog, "Get on your bike and RIDE"!

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