Friday, October 6, 2023

October 5, 2023-Finally got my riding buddy back!!!

 The weather called for a nice day, 66 degrees, sunny with light wind! Jo is finally feeling good enough to want to ride after 14 days of fighting off minor Covid 19!!! It's great to have her back out on the trails with me!! :) The ride was nothing special, one of our most used loop rides. We did however do the start a bit different. We headed north on the Cascade St. Bike Lane and picked up the Templeton Gap trail over to the Pikes Peak Greenway. Rode up to Criterium Bike shop, had our morning snack. Then over to Cottonwood Creek Trail to the Vincent St. bridge, turned south on to the Vincent Frontage Road/Dublin Blvd/Nevada Ave Trail and Bike Lane over to the "Cracked Trail" (old asphalt walkway) over to the University Village Colorado Center and lunch stop of iced tea at Panera Bread. 

From there south down the PP Greenway over to the Mesa Springs Greenway heading north to it's ending point at American Furniture Warehouse. Turned around back down the MS Greenway back to the PP Greenway. Stopped to try to help a fellow trike rider with a VERY jammed chain but couldn't get the chain out of the back of the cassette. Lucky a lady with a truck gave him a ride back to his house! Got a feeling they will have to remove the cassette to get that chain unstuck!! Becon St. to Wood Ave. to Fillmore St. west over to Kathy Ln. and into the storage unit. 18 miles in the Autum sun, welcome back JO!! :)

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