Wednesday, December 19, 2018

FRRTBG Group Ride, December 15th. 2018

Well the day was cloudy with only peak of the sun now and then, 50F with a light wind so we got to the ride start point and waited. No one else showed up so we headed off to ride up the Vincent St. Tunnel on the Cottonwood Trail, via the Pikes Peak Greenway. The Cottonwood Trail has been "closed" at the tunnel for months but to our surprise we found the barriers moved away so I got to show my wife, JoLynn the new section of the trail up to where the "concrete" ends. It's in a nice little canyon and there's several little bridges criss-crossing Cottonwood Creek! We turned around back to the tunnel then picked up the "bike lane" on Vincent St. and headed toward the "access road trail" as I call it, (no name as far as I know), it's a nice wide concrete trail heading south so we could get back to the University Shopping Center and pick up the Pikes Peak Greenway, heading south. Note: by late Spring 2019, the Cottonwood Trail will be finished, now it's awaiting a new 6 lane bridge over Academy Blvd. it will have trail access underneath and will make a excellent longer RIDE!

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