Sunday, November 25, 2018

A "New To ME" trike for BJ!

Sunseeker EZ-Tad SX I bought "New to ME" in November 2018!

Although I've really enjoyed my Sunseeker Eco-Tad SX Trike, especially after updating it from a 7 speed freewheel to a 9 speed cassette set up, I'll admit that I've wanted a trike with bit more "sport" in it and the non-tiller type handlebars. Well I was at my local recumbent shop, here in Colorado Springs, CO. and found a used Sunseeker EZ-Tad SX, 24 speed that needed a good home. ;)  Lucky for me, Angletech has a program for us "cash strapped" recumbent riders so with a small down payment, I put it on "Layaway"!  I picked it up last week, added new tires and had the "chain wheel set", changed from the stock, 30/40/52 to a 22/32/44 set so I could more easily climb all our local HILLS!! :)  The EZ-Tad SX feels like a "Sports Car" compared to the Eco-Tad SX so it was a good change for me.  I know that "Sunseeker" is NOT the highest rated of recumbent trikes but I've owned both Sunseeker recumbent "bikes and trikes" and for me and my style/pace of riding, they work well! :)

Sunseeker Eco-Tad SX I bought "NEW" in Jan. 2018

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