Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A "pieces" of trails ride

On Sunday, August 26th., we decided to do a ride that used "pieces" of several local urban or rail trails around the Colorado Springs area. We started at the new Legacy Loop/Fontinero Trailhead, where we parked the van and unloaded the trikes. Headed south down the "west side" of the Pikes Peak Greenway trail to Monument Valley Park, then we took the "Over I-25 Trail Bridge" to a urban trail (which as far as I know, has NO NAME), heading south to hook up to on street Bike Lanes over to pick up the Midland Trail heading west. Rode the Midland Trail up to 28th. Street, to Pikes Peak Ave. and stopped at a Wendy's for lunch., from there we headed to the 31st. Street Bike Lane heading up the Pleasant Valley area to the "back way" into the Garden of the Gods Park. There we turned around and headed back to the van. Sunny, 90F with a decent breeze. It's pieces of the same old trails, done different, had a great time and put in 15 miles RT.! :)

JoLynn heading up the "Over I-25 Trail Bridge", a very steep incline of "3 sections" to the top of the Bridge!

Top of the Bridge, heading for the steep "downhill" sections.

A view of  I-25 through the holes in the safety fence!

The No Name Path, heading south from the bridge.

A slightly faded picture of Pikes Peak from the Midland Trail.

End of the 31st. Bike Lane, it's the back way into the Garden of the Gods Park, which has a "deep sand/gravel trail" but soon will be "concrete" to hook up to the GoG Entryway Road. The Tiny Chapel is a "one room" church on the Rockledge Ranch Section of the GoG Park.

Julie Penrose Fountain with the water falling into the wadding pool at the bottom for the kids at America The Beautiful Park, at the trail junction of the Pikes Peak Greenway and the Midland Trail, down town Colorado Springs, CO. 

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