Saturday, November 25, 2017

A very nice November day bicycle RIDE!!

We had a very warm and sunny bicycle ride up the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail over to the Colorado Springs Bike Shop on the Westside of town today! 19 mile round trip, a mix of gravel and concrete trails and a little sidewalk riding up to the shop. It's the 25th. of November and it was 62 F. degrees and sunny, can't beat that! Had to go over to the bike shop to get a new spare tube, new "on bike air pump, new head piece for our "floor pump" and some sealant for the new tube in my front wheel. Got quick bite to eat at Arby's and headed home as we had a late start and wanted to make sure we had "daylight" on the trail! The homeless folks have a LOT of ugly campsites on the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail, sad but hey, everyone has to have somewhere to LIVE. As long as they keep their stuff  "off the trail itself", I'll live with it and be happy to get to RIDE so late in the season!! :)
JoLynn looking at Cheyenne Mountain

Ducks in Fountain Creek

Our bicycles along part of the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail

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