Blog updated: May 12, 2017!

Friday, May 12, 2017

The new Midland Trail connector bridge

On Thursday I rode to a opening ceremony for the Legacy Loop here in Colorado Springs, it was the start of construction for a new trail head/event center. The LL goes around the city for 10K, so it will be a non-traffic runner/bicyclist trail. I also rode over to the newly installed bridge that will finally reconnect the Midland Trail to the America the Beautiful Park in downtown. The old link was taken away when they rebuilt the I-25 Intersection and the detour is a PIA on city streets so the new connector should be "on line" in Sept. 2017!!
Well at least the Bridge connector is finally set up, now hopefully it will be finished by Sept. 2017 and the Midland Trail reconnected!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A bit of an update and a new bicycle for JoLynn!

It's been a while since I updated the blog, we've been doing short rides and I've been doing a few club rides over the last couple of months. We worked as "Corner Workers" for the yearly, St. Patrick's Day 50K (and a wee bit more) bicycle ride here in Colorado Springs, CO. It's usually the Saturday "before" St. Patrick's Day. They were talking possible rain so we took the city bus to our post at Wood Ave. and Columbia St., The riders were having a good time, even though it was a bit nippy weather wise.  Our shift ended at 12:15 so we walked to lunch and watched the parade for a bit. Headed home.

We finally got JoLynn and new bicycle, she's been riding a "converted" 23 year old Nishiki ladies MTB for a few years now. She decided she wanted a "step-thru" version on my Del Sol Lxi 6.1 comfort bike, in a cool, "buttered popcorn" color! :) We changed out the seat, (she didn't care for the "polka dots" and tires, (a bit more aggressive tread and black in color). Now she's very happy.

JoLynn's new bicycle, March 2016
Now we just need some better weather so she can get in a real ride, a bit more than the 8 miles from the bike shop to home! ;) The folks at the Colorado Springs Bike Shop have treated us so well for many years, we really enjoy doing business with them! Colorado Springs Bike Shop
Spring is slowing coming hope your out enjoying a good ride soon! :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Finally a ride with the wife!

The weekends have been cruddy lately so the wife and I haven't been able to ride together but we finally got in a ride on Sunday! She hasn't been able to ride since Nov. so I let her set the pace and we had a good day, sunny and 40F at the start. We rode mostly local rail-trails and enjoyed the company! She's to slow a rider to ride with the local club so I divide my rides between her and the club during the month. She can ride all day but she's just not up the "club pace". We stopped for a carved turkey sandwich and then the clouds came in the temps dropped what seemed 10 degrees so we headed home. There's actually a lot of FUN riding at a slower pace, more time to talk and take in the sights so I don't mind, kick'in back with the wife! :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

CSCC Frozen Water Bottle Ride, January 1st. 2017

It was semi-decent on the 1st. so I went on the Colorado Springs Cycling Club's "Frozen Water Bottle Ride"! I was a partly cloudy day, high 30 F's with some sunshine. A good group showed up, close to 30 riders, LOL, mostly "road bikes" and "MTB's. Found there was two rides, one road, one mtb, My comfort bike is "road going" MTB so I stayed with the road ride, it was 18 miles, with some steep grades so as usual, I volunteered to be the Sweep rider.

We headed south, then west, then north a mix of street and paved trail, I was riding with to riders who just got new "recumbent trikes" so I asked a lot of questions about them as maybe someday we might go that way. LOL, as we were riding, one rider on the trike, took off, quickly, I thought WOW, what a sprint she has!!  Came to find out, she has an, "electric motor" to boost her pace when she needs it, it's cheating but hey, it's cool! ;)  As we headed up Centennial Blvd. I was getting whipped and hit a bonk, lucky, we turned on Vindicator with a great "downhill section" so I was able to hang in with the group to the end of the ride. We stopped at BJ's Restaurant and Brewery for lunch, then I had a colder ride under gray skies back home. Was glad to be able to start 2017 with a ride! :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Just an update

We've closed the group we started for Rail Trail Riders here in Colorado Springs, I've gone back to being a member of the Colorado Springs Cycling Club and just doing the more, "mellow" rides! Jo won't ride with the club, they just ride too fast for her so I ride with her, 2 weekend out of the month and with the Club the other two weeks of the month! :)  I've got 800 miles on the Del Sol Lxi 6.1 comfort bike and it's been a very good machine. I'm looking at getting Jo on come Spring 2017! It's not easy getting older and having arthritis but having a bicycle that let's me sit straight up, really makes riding more FUN!
The top photo is my current machine and the bottom is the one my wife Jo likes, she's very short legged so the "step-thru" frame is a great match for her!  We are having really great weather here in November so we've gotten in several rides, hope it last's for a bit longer! :) Jo and I did get in a nice ride over to Manitou Springs, via the bike trails, here's a few photos!

The creek that flows thru this park in Manitou Springs, CO.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ride to the Labor Day Lift Off

We rode the bicycles to the yearly, Labor Day Lift Off Balloon Fest, here in Colorado Springs, CO. over Labor Day Weekend. We had to leave at 6 AM. in the dark to make the 7 AM. launch time! We arrived and the day broke sunny and a bit windy so it took awhile for the Balloons to get a "ok" to launch but they did and it was quite a site!

Jo and the bikes awaiting the Sunrise!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Just an update!

We've been putting on rides over the last 2 months for our newly founded: Rail Trail Riders of Colorado Springs, CO. casual bicycle riding group! LOL, just forgot to take a camera so no pictures. We still don't have any new members but Me and the Mrs., hopefully we can get at least 2 more couples or singles before the end of the year! We plan on riding the bicycles over to the Labor Day Balloon Lift Off at Memorial Park here in Colorado Springs so maybe a couple of photos from that adventure will be forthcoming! :) The summer season is coming to an end, RATS but there's some good and cooler Fall riding for the next couple of months!