Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Updates to BJ's Sunseeker Eco-Tad SX Trike

Thought I'd let you all know that I've updated my Sunseeker Eco-Tad SX from the stock 7 speed, 38 tooth single chain wheel and 13x32 Freewheel, set up to a "9 Speed", 32 tooth single chainwheel and 11x40 cassette set up!  First I had to find a new rear hub/wheel so I could mount a cassette as you can't find a 11x40 Freewheel!! I got lucky, Utah Trikes was selling, "NEW" take off,  Catrike rear 20 inch. (406) rear wheels that could use a 9-speed cassette, got the wheel for "$20.00" and $15.00 for shipping, a absolute STEAL of a price!!  :)

Next was a 9-speed 11x40 cassette, Sunrace had one for $60.00  a new Long Cage rear derailleur (Shimano RD-M370) for $40.00 and a new TT take off 32 Tooth chain wheel and crank arms for $15.00. $35.00 for a 9 speed trigger shifter, The one expense I didn't count on was having to buy a specific "9 speed" chain as 9 speed cassettes have a narrower spacing than 7/8 speed cassettes or freewheels. :(  That was $65.00 and finally LABOR to have my LBS put it all on, $90.00.  $340.00 total and now I have a trike that can "CLIMB" serious hills easily!!

Sounds like a lot of bucks and yea it was but it's LOT cheaper than buying a upgrade trike and I still would have had to pay extra for "triple chain wheel with 22x32x44 gearing to give the upgraded trike the "climbing" ability my upgrades gave my Eco-Tad SX.  The 9 speed cassette gearing steps are MUCH more useful than the stock 7 speed freewheel gearing steps so I'm VERY happy!! :)

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Rode the Rock Island Trail

On Saturday June 16th. we rode the Rock Island Trail, this is the main West to East trail here in Colorado Springs going from towards down town to out to the far east side of Colorado Springs. This trail is laid on the old tracks of the Rock Island Railroad that came into Colorado Springs from Chicago but the line was closed in the 1980's. There's one small part of the trail that's still not hooked up from the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail to Jackson/Weber St. where the trail connects to Shooks Run Trail heading south. The trail is 6.5 miles long heading east to it's current ending point at Powers Blvd. Some day this trail will hook up with the dirt trail heading out East into the eastern plains of Colorado.

It was gray and cloudy, 80F+ and in some places WINDY! This trail has many sharper uphill grades in places so it was a great place to test the "upgrades" I made to my trike, (upgraded to a 9-speed 11x40 cassette and shifter system) and they worked great to make the ride even more enjoyable! We rode out to the end then headed back for the round trip of 13 miles back to the park were the van was parked, loaded up and drive over to the "Drive Inn" again for lunch! :)

Shooks Run Trail

We had a very busy Saturday on June 9th. so we decided to take a mellow ride on Sunday, June 10th. We loaded up the van and took out the trikes to ride the Shooks Run Trail. The trail heads south thru the center of Colorado Springs, CO. for 8 miles and ends at a old railroad tunnel bridge. It was sunny and warm but windy in places. 16 mile round trip, the route has a lot of little island parks and picnic tables! :) We stopped at the "Drive Inn", (one of the two, of three original Tasty Freeze's left) for a grilled hot dog and COLD Root Beer, as it's got it's own connection to the Trail! :)

Rode the Templeton Gap Trail

On June 2, the wife and I rode the Templeton Gap Trail, here in Colorado Springs, CO. A very HOT day at 95F but sunny with a med. breeze. This is a local area rail trail that sadly isn't finished but from the junction of the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail, heads north-east and has some nice views. 18 miles round trip. :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Centennial Trail out of Woodland Park, Colorado

On Sunday the 27th. we loaded up the trikes in the van and headed west up Hwy. 24 to Woodland Park, CO. to ride the trail along highway 67 to Deckers. We found it has a name, it's the Centennial Trail and it has a official trailhead and start point, just north of the local Movie Theaters. LOL, we didn't know that so we parked the van at the Visitor Area on the main road, the advantage is that the VA has "RESTROOMS"!!  When your 60+ that's a good thing, we unloaded and prepped the trikes and headed across the main road heading north, then west and luckly we found the trailhead. The trail while it's in the town of Woodland Park is smooth and nice, a total of "8 miles long" and goes to the Manitou Lake State Picnic Area, (be advised they require a FEE for entry, only $3.00 for bikes/trikes) to use the facilities.

It's fast downhill run at first then a lot of short but sharp uphill grades, around mile 2, just north of the Impact Baptist Church, the trail turns UGLY, well if you don't have suspension, which our trikes "do not"!!!  For a couple of miles there are "6 inch deep and 3 to 6 inch wide crevasses" covering the whole trail, a lot of them so we had to go "VERY SLOW" so as not to damage or be tipped over by this section, we both actually had our "chains pop off the front chain wheel, it was that rough!!  After that it was ok in some and less but still ROUGH along whole rest of the trail. :( We got to Manitou Lake, used the restrooms, pulled up a nice flat rock and ate a Cliff Bar or two and drank more water. Finally we headed back and found out there's a LOT more hills going back. On a couple some dirt had washed over the trail and JoLynn lost traction so we had to walk her tike up the hills!  We finally got back, quite tired as having to go so slow and losing so much momentum added 1-hr. each way to the total time to ride the trail.  The views are stunning, it's such a SHAME that the trail has such poor maintenance in some sections, it could be so very fun to ride! :(